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The Bennu Project

The Bennu Project is where it all began. This book is the entry point for a lot of people who aren’t quite ready to dive into “The Destruction of Black Civilization”or “Civilization or Barbarism.” Many of the names, dates, facts and locations are referenced to the very same information that can be found in those book as well as many others. While this is a great primer for research into several Nile Valley Civilizations, that does not mean those of you who have been walking this path will find no value here. “The Bennu Project” has science fiction metaphor, used to entertain the youth while making references to ourstory, and a plot that will keep you turning pages long after you planned to be asleep. Please preview the book here: The Bennu Project

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M Hsst Drtyu

The second book in the series, but not in this trilogy, M Hsst Drtyu should be considered as a prequel to The Bennu Project. Thats right, Sovereign Roha got her own trilogy and it begins right here. You dont have to read this book second, if you prefer, you can skip right to “The Isfet Protocol.” Please preview the book here: M Hsst Drtyu

The Isfet Protocol

“The Isfet Protocol” is the most recent installment of The Bennu Project series and is the second book in Azubuike’s trilogy. It should be considered a direct sequel to The Bennu Project. There is at least one more book planned for Azubuike and his allies, and there may be a possible fourth book meant to tie the two trilogies together. The Isfet Protocol

Why the author has such a passion for writing these books.

The most frequent feedback given is that more of our children need to be exposed to these books. check the amazon reviews. To that end, we are currently developing an MMORPG and a short CGI feature. Both are based on the book series and are being developed using Unity 3d. We dont have a projected release date yet for either. Please feel free to donate via paypal to help either of those processes advance toward their final product. People learn in different ways. The digital media may reach those who dont have time to sit down with a book.



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