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Dedicated to Teyla and Taz

Anubeion is a no kill shelter which will act as a last chance or final option for owners who are seeking help with high risk breeds. Dogs are welcome from both private owners and other shelters/facilities.

o Breeds are restricted to German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Huskies. We reserve the right to make an exception to this policy on a case by case basis.

o Dogs coming in from other facilities and/or organizations must be neutered, spayed and up to date on all shots.

o Long term care and additional boarding services, for registered guests, are offered to those who need extended dog sitting services while they relocate. Perfect for those who need to board their dog while they travel for work or vacation. (Please contact us for the costs associated with this service).

o Dogs spending time with us on a temporary basis, such as those enjoying a temporary stay as registered guests, do not require spaying/neutering and will be isolated from the other pets if they have not been.

o Owners will be able to visit their pet and access our dog park areas, for a fee, during their pet’s extended stay with us. All visitations must be made by appointment at least two hours before the desired time.

o When applying, prospective volunteers will fill out a form detailing their areas of expertise/interest, which will aid us in the goal of recruiting both the most qualified and engaged Animal Care Technicians. Volunteers will be rotated, by request, through various jobs/roles in the hope that everyone will get to do the jobs that appeal to them the most.

o Pet owners and staff members will conduct an initial meet and greet during registration, which should help both owners and their pets feel more relaxed. We believe this approach will go a long way toward reducing separation anxiety for all parties involved. Owners will have direct contact with their pet’s team members and have the option to participate in the care, grooming and feeding of their pets.

o Our standard diet will consist of quality grade food to maximize the health and longevity of every dog in our care. We believe this is an essential benefit to both our rescue dogs, which are often times severely malnourished and abused, and to any registered guest as well. We will have a detailed list of what is in their food and water, included in our welcome pamphlet, which will provide additional explanation of our dietary options. Owners may also coordinate with their pet’s team members and provide their pets with any brand of their choice.

o In addition to the explanation of your pet’s dietary options, owners will be provided with a welcome packet. Which will include a detailed list of the care and services that we will provide while your pet is boarded in our care.

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