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Aha Mena created this book series in order to serve as an educational tool for those who have an interest in Afrocentric, historical events. A book series that has been accepted into the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The most accurate genre for this series would be Afro futurism. First and foremost, the intention of this series is to inform the reader of relevant historical facts. The secondary purpose is to entertain the reader with a science fiction story that will hold their interest while presenting names, dates and facts that are essential to understanding the nature of events that lead to the change in their condition from approximately 3500 BCE to present date. This book series is intended for all readers above the age of thirteen, adult and teenager alike. Both the student of history and the novice, who has just begun the journey to self awareness, will enjoy this series for the wealth of information contained within as well as the rich science fiction aspect of the story told.

Our Story

The African community, both continental and diaspora, needs its own heroes. I did this for that cause, and for the Melanated children who suffer from low self esteem as well as low self worth. The book itself is a metaphor for “ourstory,” told as science fiction, and tells the tale of a young man whose whole world has been overrun and oppressed by foreign invaders. When the man stumbles upon long forgotten knowledge, it opens up an entirely new perspective for him, along with everyone else on the planet who have no idea about their true heritage. Will he be able to use that knowledge to help advance and free his people?


      Not just for the book Series. This website can eventually become a place where our people can discuss a wide range of topics that are of great importance to the black community, not just The Bennu Project series. To that end, several social media functions have been included in this site. Create an account and start communicating. Help us create a social media site dedicated to the type of discussions that address our issues.

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