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The Bennu Project is part of a series meant to uplift and educate our children. With the over abundance of negative stereotypes plaguing our community, the Aha Mena felt compelled to try to counter it with a positive message. Children believe they are what they see. Its past time for our children to see themselves depicted as something other than cowardly or usually part of the criminal element (or both, etc) whenever black folks are depicted in western mainstream forms of media. The author is very passionate about that. To that end, he has written a series centered around several Nile Valley Civilizations, intent on teaching & encouraging our children to research these topics. The book series has been embraced by black home school parents, inner city teachers and has already been accepted into the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

2 months ago
"Failure is not an option.”

Join robotics expert George Gorospe for a discussion of how he uses STEM to keep NASA’s robotic explorers & deep space probes healthy when the unexpected happens.🤖

This week's #NASASTEM Stars ✨ begins in 1 hour! Watch live:
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@AmazonKDP Thank you @AmazonKDP The first episodes for The Bennu Project Series are available here:
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Now that we’ve celebrated Juneteenth, it’s time to:

- Pass reparations
- End the War on Drugs
- End voter suppression
- End police violence
- Fund housing
- Fund education
- Fund health care
- Teach the truth about our history

We need full liberation along with celebration.
4 months ago
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@AmazonKDP #TheBennuProject Fans can expect several Kindle Vella Stories to be released when the platform officially launches. Sovereign Roha, Duro-Aina, Siphowo and Azubuike all have several episodes already completed and pre-scheduled for release. Follow us on Amazon for more updates.

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